CollecTF is supported by the US National Science Foundation through grant MCB-1158056 and by the UMBC Office of Research through a Special Research Assistantship/Initiative Support (SRAIS) award.

CollecTF is based on the collective effort of a fantastic and highly motivated team of dedicated curators without whom the database would be just… well, empty. Check the curator roster for kudos!

Integration with the NCBI RefSeq database is possible thanks to the dedicated effort and infinite patience of Stacy Ciufo, Tatiana Tatusova and the RefSeq team at the NCBI.

Integration with the UniProt Knowledgebase is possible thanks to the dedicated effort of Benoit Bely, Maria Martin and the UniProt development team at the EMBL-EBI.

Submission of annotations to the Gene Ontology is made possible by the dedicated effort of Tony Sawford, Melanie Courtot, Claire O'Donovan and the UniProt content team at the EMBL-EBI.

CollecTF uses GO-compliant evidence codes for its curation process, through adoption of the Evidence Ontology (ECO). Integration with ECO is made possible by the dedicated effort of Shoshannah Wolfish, Suvarna Nadendla, Marcus Chibucos and the ECO team at the Institute for Genome Sciences.

CollecTF integrates data from and out-links to many outstanding resources, like the NCBI Gene database and Wikipedia. Thanks all for their hard work.