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The TonB3 system in the human pathogen Vibrio vulnificus is under the control of the global regulators Lrp and cyclic AMP receptor protein.;Alice AF, Crosa JH;Journal of bacteriology 2012 Apr; 194(8):1897-911 [22307757]
CRP [Q7M7I9, view regulon]
Reported TF sp.
Vibrio vulnificus CMCP6
Reported site sp.
Vibrio vulnificus CMCP6
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Dinara Sagitova
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Experimental Process

EMSA showed that CRP bound to the tonB3 promoter region. In silico analysis identified a putative CRP binding site. DNase I footprinting showed that CRP protected region overlapped the predicted CRP consensus sequence. Beta-gal. reporter assays showed that the expression of tonB3 was significantly lower in the crp mutant than in the wild-type strain.

Transcription Factor Binding Sites


Gene Regulation

Regulated genes for each binding site are displayed below. Gene regulation diagrams show binding sites, positively-regulated genes, negatively-regulated genes, both positively and negatively regulated genes, genes with unspecified type of regulation. For each indvidual site, experimental techniques used to determine the site are also given.

Site sequence Regulated genes Gene diagram Experimental techniques TF function TF type
... ... VV1_0842 VV1_0841 VV1_0840 VV1_0839 VV1_0838 VV1_0837 VV1_0836 VV1_0843 VV1_0844 VV1_0845 VV1_0846 VV1_0847 VV1_0848
Experimental technique details Beta-gal reporter assay - Experimental technique details Consensus search (ECO:0005624) - Experimental technique details DNAse footprinting (ECO:0005631) - Experimental technique details EMSA (ECO:0001807) - activator not specified