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Characterization of a Pseudomonas putida ABC transporter (AatJMQP) required for acidic amino acid uptake: biochemical properties and regulation by the Aau two-component system.;Singh B, Röhm KH;Microbiology (Reading, England) 2008 Mar; 154(Pt 3):797-809 [18310026]
AauR [Q88RJ2, view regulon]
Reported TF sp.
Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Reported site sp.
Pseudomonas putida KT2440
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Grace Chandler
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Experimental Process

EMSA was performed on a deletion series of the aat promoter, identified that AauR binds to the aat promoter region in the -117 to -136 range. A DNAse footprinting assay using an aat promoter fragment from -83 to -246 demonstrated that a 19 bp section was protected. Alignment of the aat promoter with homogolous genes from other Pseudomonas spp. revealed that the putative AauR binding motif (TTCGGNNNNCCGAA) is well conserved in other pseudomonads. In a separate study, AauR-dependent activation of aatJMQP was shown by Sonawane et al., 2006.

Transcription Factor Binding Sites


Gene Regulation

Regulated genes for each binding site are displayed below. Gene regulation diagrams show binding sites, positively-regulated genes, negatively-regulated genes, both positively and negatively regulated genes, genes with unspecified type of regulation. For each indvidual site, experimental techniques used to determine the site are also given.

Site sequence Regulated genes Gene diagram Experimental techniques TF function TF type
CGTTCGGATAACCGAACGA PP_1071, PP_1070, PP_1069, PP_1068,
... ... PP_1071 PP_1070 PP_1069 PP_1068 PP_1067 PP_1066 PP_1065 PP_1072
Experimental technique details DNAse footprinting (ECO:0005631) - Experimental technique details EMSA (ECO:0001807) - Experimental technique details Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) (ECO:0005556) - activator dimer