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Regulation of the type II secretion structural gene xpsE in Xanthomonas campestris Pathovar campestris by the global transcription regulator Clp.;Ge C, He C;Current microbiology 2008 Feb; 56(2):122-7 [18175178]
Clp [Q4UZF6, view regulon]
Reported TF sp.
Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris str. 8004
Reported site sp.
Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris str. 8004
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Dinara Sagitova
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Experimental Process

RT-PCR analysis using RNA isolated from clp mutant strain showed that transcription of the xpsE gene was reduced. GUS activity assay revealed that xpsE promoter activity in the clp mutant was reduced compared to that in WT strain. The putative Clp binding site was identified by searching the upstream region of xpsE with the CRP-consensus sequence. EMSA showed that Clp bound to the 500-bp DNA fragment containing the putative binding sequence from the xpsE promoter.

Transcription Factor Binding Sites


Gene Regulation

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Site sequence Regulated genes Gene diagram Experimental techniques TF function TF type
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Experimental technique details EMSA (ECO:0001807) - Experimental technique details GUS reporter gene assay (ECO:0005641) - Experimental technique details PSSM site search (ECO:0005659) - Experimental technique details qRT-PCR [RNA] (ECO:0001808) - activator not specified