Curation Information

Operator sequences of the aerobactin operon of plasmid ColV-K30 binding the ferric uptake regulation (fur) repressor.;de Lorenzo V, Wee S, Herrero M, Neilands JB;Journal of bacteriology 1987 Jun; 169(6):2624-30 [3294800]
Fur [P0A9A9, view regulon]
Reported TF sp.
Escherichia coli 413
Reported site sp.
Escherichia coli 413
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Urooq Aqeel
Curation notes
Sites belong to plasmid ColV-K30, which is not available in NCBI.

Experimental Process

The DNase I footprints revealed two contiguous binding sites with different lengths and affinities for Fur.

Transcription Factor Binding Sites

Gene Regulation

Regulated genes for each binding site are displayed below. Gene regulation diagrams show binding sites, positively-regulated genes, negatively-regulated genes, both positively and negatively regulated genes, genes with unspecified type of regulation. For each indvidual site, experimental techniques used to determine the site are also given.

Site sequence Regulated genes Gene diagram Experimental techniques TF function TF type