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Acid-induced activation of the urease promoters is mediated directly by the ArsRS two-component system of Helicobacter pylori.;Pflock M, Kennard S, Delany I, Scarlato V, Beier D;Infection and immunity 2005 Oct; 73(10):6437-45 [16177315]
ArsR [O24973, view regulon]
Reported TF sp.
Helicobactor Pylori 26695
Reported site sp.
Helicobacter pylori G27
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Elizabeth Cardosa
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Experimental Process

Primer extension experiments were performed on RNAs extracted from mutant and non-mutant strains of helicobactor pylori G27 to identify that ureA and ureI are regulated by ArsR. DNase footprinting results show that there is direct binding of ArsR~P. Primer extension assay and western blot were used to show expression of the urease genes.

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Gene Regulation

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