Transcription Factor Binding Site Information

Escherichia coli - NC_000913.3
ArcA [UniProtKB:P0A9Q1, view regulon]

Supporting Evidence

Binding site Location Publication Experimental techniques used Curation
TTGTTAATAAAGCGTAGTGAA - [1031966, 1031986] 24146625 Experimental technique details ChIP-chip (ECO:0006007) - Experimental technique details ChIP-PCR (ECO:0005620) - Experimental technique details DNA-array expression analysis (ECO:0005525) - Experimental technique details Motif-discovery (ECO:0005558) - Experimental technique details PSSM site search (ECO:0005659) - 871

Regulated genes

Regulated genes for each binding site are displayed below. Gene regulation diagrams show binding sites, positively-regulated genes, negatively-regulated genes, both positively and negatively regulated genes, genes with unspecified type of regulation. For each indvidual site, experimental techniques used to determine the site are also given.

... ... hyaA serT hyaB hyaC hyaD hyaE hyaF appC appB yccB appA
Gene Locus tag Description
hyaA b0972 hydrogenase 1, small subunit
serT b0971 tRNA
hyaB b0973 hydrogenase 1, large subunit
hyaC b0974 hydrogenase 1, b-type cytochrome subunit
hyaD b0975 hydrogenase 1 maturation protease
hyaE b0976 probable HyaA chaperone
hyaF b0977 protein involved in nickel incorporation into hydrogenase-1 proteins
appC b0978 cytochrome bd-II oxidase, subunit I
appB b0979 cytochrome bd-II oxidase, subunit II
yccB b4592 hypothetical protein
appA b0980 phosphoanhydride phosphorylase